Seen in: TaylorSays “Roddie” on Project Runway


When you get dressed, do you pick your outfit first and then your shoes? Or do you pick your shoes first and then your outfit? It’s maybe one of the most important questions of our time! Lol.

This very important question was also the theme on last night’s Project Runway on the Lifetime Network. The episode was called “Shoes First!” and the designers were challenged with designing an outfit around a pair of shoes. (Check out the episode here: Project Runway on Lifetime Network “Shoes First!” Season 12, Episode 7)

Not only were we stoked to see that the episode was dedicated to our favorite subject (shoes!), but we were also happy to see one of our favorite brands spotlighted. Taylor Says “Roddie” featured last night in the episode.

Designer Justin Leblanc took on the challenge of designing an outfit around the daring, sexy heels. He opted to design a sleek, minimal look to complement the bold colors and Navajo print of the “Roddie”. Personally, I think he could have taken more of a risk designing an outfit around these shoes… What do you think of the final look?

About the Brand: Artist/Designer Taylor Reeve generated a huge fan-following with her hand-painted and carefully crafted works of art. She now takes her dramatic designs to the soles of women’s heels with her shoe line: TaylorSays. TaylorSays is a sassy brand featuring unique, sexy and bold designs by the California native. Taylor’s vision is to create styles that allow women to express their individuality. Every pump comes to life with its own personally designed sole, colorful leather and vibrant fabrics. Shop TaylorSays.